My Goals For The Year Ahead & Looking Forward to 2022

One of the biggest lessons the last couple of years has taught me, is to look forward instead of looking back. Look to the future instead of dwelling on the past because you cannot undo what has been done, but you can plan for the future and work towards the goals you have set yourself. In true new year style, I thought I’d put together a cliche resolutions post on how I’m looking forward to 2020 and my goals for the year ahead.

My Goals For The Year Ahead

Here are a few of my goals for the year ahead!

I was hoping when it came to typing up this post that I could happily say how happy I was to finally see the back of covid, alas I am sat here typing this post whilst currently having covid. Safe to say my thoughts aged really well, but all in all I am actually fine and not suffering too much with it which I’m really thankful for. I’m also really thankful for the little bit of down time it has given me as it’s given me some time to reflect on the last year and has allowed me to really think about where I want to be this time next year. With that being said and without rambling on too much, let’s get into how I’m looking forward to 2022 and my goals for the year ahead.

Start the House Buying Process

This goal has been one I have mentioned and hoped for, for many years but it’s safe to say that I was very uneducated when it came to understanding the ins and outs of being able to get yourself onto the property ladder and it’s no where near as easy as some people make it look. Safe to say I have learnt a lot over the last few years and one thing I want to put into motion this year is to hopefully start the process into getting myself onto the property ladder. I finally feel that I’m in a somewhat good position financially and after having been moved out of my parents for over a year I feel a lot more ready for this next chapter. I say this very tentatively but the next steps for me is to get myself an appointment with a mortgage advisor to see what my options are and to understand whether this goal is something I’ll be able to achieve this year.

Be More Adventurous With Food

Since moving out it’s safe to say my eating habits have changed massively and I am lot more open to eating foods that I hadn’t previously, but also when it comes to cooking for one person the lack of effort is also very real. Over the last few months my diet hasn’t been the best and I am so ready to get back into a routine of eating good food that I enjoy and provide my body with the nutrients it needs, but I am also ready to break away from the same meals that I eat on rotation and to enjoy some news foods/dishes that I’ve always been scared to try.

Find My Groove With Fitness… Again

I think everyone has a fitness goal when it comes to new years resolutions and it’s a goal I set myself for 2021 (and spoke about in this blog post) where I wanted to get back into a routine with fitness, and this still very much stands this year. For me I have just really struggled in having any sort of routine since moving back in the summer and although I am probably in the best place mentally that I’ve been in a long long time, I am really craving the routine that I used to have when it came to prioritising fitness and having it as a big part of my life. Now I’m not in anyway setting myself a goal of losing X amount of weight or anything like that, I just want to move my body more and to feel as good as I used to when I was working out regularly. Even if that means I only workout 1-2 times a week, it will be a damn sight more than I have in the last six months!

Continue to Be The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

Although the last few years have been a bit of a sh*t show, I have found that I have grown so much over the last few years and I can hand on heart say that I have never felt happier. This happiness stems from a few different things and it’s only through a lot of change that this happiness has become. For me a lot has changed in the last few years and these things include, moving out of my parents house, moving into a different job, losing friendships that didn’t serve any purpose whilst gaining some amazing friendships and all of these things have massively contributed to the pure happiness that I feel today, and through 2022 I hope this happiness will continue and only get better.

So those are a few of my goals for the year ahead and I am so excited to see where 2022 takes me!

What are your goals for 2022?