New Releases from Bali Body I’m Loving

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If you’ve been a long term reader of my blog, then you will know how much I love Bali Body and their range of self tanning products to get a lovely golden glow all year round. With that being said, Bali Body have recently added two new products into their already amazing array of products and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on these the new releases from Bali Body and why I’m loving using them at the moment.

Continue reading to hear my thoughts on some new releases from Bali Body I’m loving at the moment!

If you’re not familiar with Bali Body, they are a sun care and self tanning brand based in Australia who specialise in creating natural and vegan friendly products, made from naturally derived ingredients to ensure their products are suitable for all skin types and all of their products are 100% cruelty free. Over the last couple of years Bali Body have been expanding their existing range of products through the introduction of not only sun care and self tan, but also through the introduction of some amazing skincare products including two new releases from Bali Body I’m loving at the moment and just have to share with you.

Bronzing Serum

First up of the new releases from Bali Body is hands down one of my favourite products of all time from them and that is their new Bali Body Bronzing Serum* (£25.95). This product is full to the brim of enriching ingredients including essential oils and anti-ageing ingredients in order to give your complexion a warm bronzed glow, whilst also hydrating your skin at the same time! You can apply this product in three different ways, through mixing it with your moisturiser or foundation or applying directly to your skin on days where you’re planning on having a very natural makeup day in order to just transform your skin from looking dull. I personally love applying this with my moisturiser in the morning and then going in with my normal makeup routine, as I find it instantly bronzes my complexion and just makes my foundation look super dewy throughout the day.

Another thing I love about this product is that it’s great for days when you’ve made last minute plans and have forgotten to tan. I think us girls have definitely all been there before and I’m not the biggest fan of putting instant tan on my face as I find my foundation never sits right, so this is just perfect as it’s it works to instantly bronze up your complexion and takes the stress out of getting ready when you’ve made last minute plans! All in all this product has very quickly made it’s way into my daily makeup routine and I’m not one bit mad about it as I just love how this transforms my complexion and instantly makes me look and feel more glowy.

Body Highlighter

The second product of the new releases from Bali Body I’m loving is their brand new Bali Body Body Highlighter* (£21.95) and it’s safe to say this is going to be a firm favourite of mine when the spring/summer months roll around! This product has been designed to give your skin a luminous dewy glow on top of your self tan (or natural tan if you’re lucky enough to tan naturally) in order to highlight the high points of your body and make your tan pop and just look that extra bit glowy. The best way to apply this product is by buffing it into the skin using the Bali Body Blending Brush* (£16.95) in order to achieve a soft and shimmering radiance that blends effortlessly into your skin.

I’ve used this product a few times now of a weekend when I’ve been out for dinner or drinks, applying it onto my collar bones/chest rejoin to just give that area of my body a lovely glow and I’ve gotten some lovely compliments from my friends on how glowy my tan looks! I love that this product is super easy to work with as it’s super lightweight, fast drying and doesn’t transfer onto my clothes, so you can apply this before getting dressed and you don’t have to worry about it ruining your clothes.

So those are two new releases from Bali Body that I’m currently loving and would honestly recommend to anyone who is looking to try out some new products to transform your skin and give you a super dewy glow!

What are your favourite Bali Body products?

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